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Camille Ellis | Owner and Chef


Camille embarked on her restaurant industry career at 15, starting as a waitress in a local diner. This early experience sparked her passion for hospitality, leading her to various roles across the sector. Recognized for her potential by a renowned chef, Camille shifted her focus to culinary arts, emphasizing creativity in the kitchen. She values connections with local farmers and artisans, prioritizing non-GMO, farm-fresh, organically grown, and pasture-raised ingredients in her vibrant and imaginative menus.

Catering Charlotte NC



Our passion drives us; client satisfaction and joy are our rewards. Specializing in in-home events, we deliver professional, friendly, and efficient service, making your special moments unforgettable. Trust us to bring distinction and excellence to your table.

Elevate your dream event with our culinary expertise, offering everything from Dim Sum to classic Mexican fiestas, ensuring authenticity and flavor in every dish. Our team excels in creating magical themed events, focusing on ambiance, sound, attire, and drink pairings to enhance your experience.

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